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VeriFone Omni 3700 Family

VeriFone Omni 3700Omni 3740 and Omni 3750

The Omni Line is Considered the Fastest Terminals on the Market

  • Communications modules - 2400 bps, 14.4 kpbs modem, ISDN, or Ethernet - offer easy access to any IP-based network.
  • VeriFone Connect - an all-inclusive, flexible solution that easily allows wireless service at the point of sale.
  • Factory-installed memory configurations – 1.5, 3, and 4 Mbytes – handle the most complex transactions and value-added applications.
  • Optional upgradeable Security Access Modules (SAMs) – 2 or 4 – safeguard susceptible financial data and support multiple smart card schemes.
  • Supports three or more value-added applications, and allows for future proof upgradeable communications, such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, and CDMA.
  • Omni 3750 offers the complete package, and full EMV smart card capabilities. And in the U.S. McAfee VirusScan Mobile for Verix , the industry's first integrated virus scanning engine for payment terminals, is available for the Omni 3750.
  • Omni 3740 provides all the same functionality and flexibility as the Omni 3750, but without a smart card reader.

Omni 3730 and Omni 3730 LE

Big Things In A Small Package

  • Available only in the U.S.
  • Efficiently processes debit, credit, and EBT payments.
  • Omni 3730 will even support a value-added application, such as gift card or loyalty card.
  • Plug-and-play payment device is simple to install and even simpler to use.
  • With our Omni 3700 products, customers get the most effective combination of features and functions for their business at a very affordable price.


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