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Personal Identification Number Terminals for Electronic Payments

The VeriFone P1000 Pinpad is compatible with most pinpad accepting processing machines. The VeriFone P1000 Pinpad Provides maximum flexibility and meets ISO and ANSI standards for PINE encryption, key management and Message Authentication Code (MAC).

VeriFone PinPad 1000

The Hypercom S8 PinPad handheld PIN pad features high security and ease of use. The Hypercom S8 Pin Pad meets international security standards and payment scheme specifications.

Hypercom S8 PinPad handheld PIN pad features debit transaction support and connects with all Hypercom terminals, electronic cash registers (ECRs) or third-party POS systems.

The Hypercom S8 Pin Pad handheld PIN pad are impact-resistant.

Hypercom S8 PinPad

The VeriFone PINpad 2000 provides complete security for debit card transactions.

DUKPT key management adds an extra level of security by deriving a unique key for every debit transaction.

For additional security, The Verifone PIN pad 2000 supports MAC (Message Authentication Code), this protects debit transaction data from accidental or fraudulent tampering during transfer. Additionally, the VeriFone PINpad 2000 is compatible with VeriFone's PINpad 201 and 301 applications, saving the expense of application upgrades.

The purchase amount is clearly shown to the customer on the easy-to-read display. Audible and visual cues tell customers when their entry is accepted. Your customers will take comfort in knowing that they're entering their PINs in complete confidentiality.

VeriFone PIN Pad 2000

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More and more people are moving away from cash toward the convenience and ease of use of credit and debit cards. Merchants are finding that card use rises year on year, and as credit card companies make the transition from old-fashioned verification methods such as signatures to increasing use of PIN (Personal Identification) numbers, it is important to keep up to date with these trends. Credit card PIN pads are now one of the most important elements in any customer-oriented business.

Equipping your business with credit card PIN pads is inexpensive, and they are easy to use. Indeed, customers are now using credit card PIN pads in a wide range of shops and businesses, and they are now a familiar part of everyday shopping. Using credit card PIN pads helps speed up transactions, making more efficient use of staff time and improving the customer experience. It's also straightforward to train staff in the use of credit card PIN pads, as they are easy to use and seldom require attention.

Credit card PIN pads can be built into the counter or attached to the till if desired, or hand held. Most credit card PIN pads will have a small shield to afford the customer privacy when keying in their PIN. It is also possible to get wireless credit card PIN pads – especially useful for businesses such as restaurants or bars that wish to allow customers the convenience of paying at their tables. Offering this type of convenience for customers can result in increased business.

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